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Could you please do the quote from blink, it's sally sparrow and Kathy nightingale, "I love old things, they make me sad. What's so good about sad? It's happy for deep people" it's one of my favourite quotes from doctor who. Thank you


Absolutely! Thanks for the suggestion. 

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What Doctor who quote is the most meaningful or deep for you? I need a quote for a project and I'm not very sure why to pick. Thank you in advance!!! Lots of love

I’ve mentioned before that I really like this one from 11, and it definitely means the most, personally: ”Everything’s got to end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started.”

One of the hardest parts of life is realizing that everything you have is someday going to be gone. Your friends are going to move away, your favorite TV shows are going to end, bands are going to break up. All your family members are going to grow up and die; it’s just a fact of existence that we all have to accept. I think this quote makes that sentiment easier to swallow.

Without those friends moving away, new ones wouldn’t be able to arrive and make more memories. If a book series hadn’t ended you wouldn’t have decided to read another one. The things you have now that you love were only possible because you let go of things before them, and you’ll have to let go for it to happen again. This quote encourages an optimistic view of an idea that is otherwise very dreary and I love that.

Good luck on your project! I hope this helped you.


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Welcome, Peter Capaldi!

Welcome, Peter Capaldi!

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Question. Who was your favorite Doctor and what was your favorite quote.


I like 10 and 11 best from the new series, and have never been able to choose between the two. David and Matt do wonderful portrayals of their characters. Both are well-developed and interesting, and I love their relationships with Rose and the Ponds. 5 is my favorite of the classic Doctors.

If I had to narrow it down for quotes, I’d say these ones:

"…we’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"


"The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles."


"Everything’s got to end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started."

It’s coincidental that they’re all from 11. They just mean a lot to me.

Thanks for the questions!


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Why haven't you been posting any doctor who quotes in awhile?? Just wondering?

I did post one last Monday, same as usual. And the week before. Do you mean why am I not posting more often than weekly?


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